CSA – Cross-Sectional Activities

In Cross-sectional activities several workpackages are linked together.

Workpackage CSA1

Title of the project: Data Warehouse, Geographic Information and Early Warning System for Zoonotic S. aureus/MRSA


Contact CSA 1

Prof. Dr. med. Dag HarmsenProf. Dr. med. Dag Harmsen
Department of Parodontology
University Hospital Münster
Waldeyerstraße 30
D-48149 Münster

Phone +49 251-83-47059
Fax +49 251-83-47134
E-mail: dharmsen[at]uni-muenster.de


In the Cross-Sectional Activity 1 (CSA1, project partner 10) a datawarehouse for zoonotic Staphylococcus aureus isolates is established. This datawarehouse includes phenotypic, epidemiological and molecular characteristics and shall guarantee an easy exchange of data within the research network MedVet-Staph.


Workpackage CSA2

Title of the project: Education of young scientists


Contact CSA 2

Dr. med. Robin KöckDr. med. Robin Köck
Institute of Hospital Hygiene
Klinikum Oldenburg gGmbH
D-26133 Oldenburg

Phone +49 (0)441-403-2690
Fax +49 (0)441-403-2318
E-mail: robin.koeck[at]klinikum-oldenburg.de


In der Cross-Sectional Activity 2 (CSA2, project partner 11) the education of young scientists from biological sciences, veterinary and human medicine is coordinated.