Workpackage 1: Project IP8

Title of the project: Combating zoonotic MRSA from mecA to mecC: Applied hygiene concepts and data analysis of a multilevel characterization approach in veterinary medicine


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Dr. med. vet. Birgit WaltherDr. med. vet. Birgit Walther
Institute of Microbiology and Epizootics
Free University of Berlin
Philippstr. 13
D–10115 Berlin

Phone +49 30-2093-6023
Fax +49 30-2093-6067
E-mail: walther.birgit[at]


This IP focusses on three main questions:

  1. How can the spread of zoonotic pathogens (MRSA and other (multidrug-resistant) bacteria) between animal patients be reduced and workplace safety for staff in horse clinics be improved by implementation of targeted hygiene measures?
  2. To what extent are mecC and/or other new mecA homologues prevalent in clinical samples of companion animals and what are the genetic differences compared with those of human origin?
  3. Which molecular patterns (genomic composition, phenotypical and metabolic properties) are associated with those successful zoonotic MRSA lineages identified during the first research period of this project (including CC398, CC22, CC5, CC8, CC130)?