Workpackage 3: Project IP2

Title of the project: Zoonotic and non-zoonotic MRSA: factors promoting colonization and defence resistance in humans and animals


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PD Dr. sc. nat. ETH Markus BischoffPD Dr. sc. nat. ETH Markus Bischoff
University of Saarland Hospital
Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
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D-66424 Homburg/Saar

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The continuous increase of MRSA CC398 in husbandry and hospital settings in several regions of Germany suggests this lineage to be particularly successful in adapting to various ecological habitats. In this IP we plan to determine the whole genome transcriptional activities of CC398 MRSA, thereby aiming at the identification of molecular mechanism(s) that contribute to the success of this genetic lineage in colonizing/infecting livestock and humans. Horizontal gene transfer capacities of selected and clinically important LA-MRSA isolates are determined to investigate the risk potential of such isolates to incorporate novel resistance determinants/virulence factors and to pass them to other MRSA lineages.