Workpackage 2: Project IP10

Title of the project: Clinical effectiveness of decolonization therapies among patients carrying livestock-associated MRSA


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Since LA-MRSA can cause severe human infections, preventive decolonization therapies are recommended for patients undergoing elective medical interventions (such as open heart surgery, orthopaedic surgery). Usually such preventive therapies are highly successful (90% clearance of carriage after one treatment course). However, it is unknown how effective they are for LA-MRSA and how to decolonize farmers when they have continuous livestock contact during the course of treatment. It is hypothesized that continuous contact with the animals can lead to re-contamination and less successful clearance of colonization. Since elective medical interventions are often postponed until successful decolonization, this open question results in a problem for farmers who are not effectively treated. Therefore, this IP proposes to investigate the effectiveness of an established standard decolonization therapy for persons with livestock contact.